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The Home Buying Process

The entire process, start to finish, made easier with the help from our trusted partners! Click on the steps below to help find the local pros to help you in your home buying process.
Your mortgage lender issues your loan estimate. The lender then checks your credit, employment, and debts before ordering an appraisal of the new home.
Your closing agent searches the title to your new home and arranges to clear any issues
Your mortgage lender approves your loan and sends documents to the closing agent
Your closing agent combines all the documents to close the loan and arranges a signing between you and the seller
You, the seller and the closing agent meet for the closing of the transaction
The mortgage lender sends loan funds to the closing agent
The closing agent disburses the money from buyer and seller to pay all parties (details found on the closing disclosure)
The closing agent issues the lender's title insurance policy to the mortgage lender and owner's title policy to you
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